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It is the mission of the National Fiddler Hall of Fame;

To honor individuals for their contributions to fiddling, to preserve, educate and promote the art of fiddling and it's historical and social significance.


Here you'll find many good resources for learning, teaching, and promoting all things fiddle. We hope you enjoy your visit, come often, and tell others about us.

It has been said that the fiddle is the instrument that "opened" the frontier. In the history of the United States, the fiddle was the instrument that first brought music to each new section as the nation grew from 13 colonies settled by English, Scots, Irish, Germans and others and expanded over mountains and plains all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Whether it was a camp in the hills, a dugout on the prairie, a mountain cabin, or a cowboy campfire, it was fiddle music wafting through the air that was the signature of the expansion of the American culture and civilization.

The fiddle had its roots in Europe as it evolved from simple origins to the high art of instruments created by geniuses like Stradivarius and Amati. But, the same instrument that was being put to use by the classical originators of western music also found its way into the hands of ordinary fold. Their old tunes, and new ones were heard in villages across Europe to the voice of the violin. When migration began to the New World, this popular and highly portable instrument came with the early settlers, as did their musical traditions. In the hollows and villages across the New World, new tunes were added and new styles developed until the fiddle was as much a part of life here as it was in the old world.